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Gas Users Organisation

Promoting the interests of domestic gas consumers

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What we stand for

To combat man-made global warming, the UK has committed to become carbon neutral by 2050. To achieve this objective will require significant changes to energy use, and there is currently consultation and debate about the scope and nature of the required changes.

Our aim is to advocate the interests of the 24 million households who use domestic gas.


Ensure security of gas supplies to domestic consumers


No tax on the cost of natural gas for domestic consumers


Thorough review before any decision on future of the gas industry


No ban on gas heating or isolation from the supply for new developments

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Natural gas is used domestically for space heating, domestic water heating and cooking. Domestic gas consumers benefit from a fuel that is clean, convenient and cheaper than alternative energy sources.

Removing domestic gas from households would dramatically increase fuel costs for most families. The Organisation will research and publicise comparative costs to inform public debate.

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